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Bill of Rights

Posted on Tuesday February 06, 2018

The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. Among the rights protected are freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, and protection from unreasonable search. Although originally opposed by pro-constitution Federalists, […]

The Flu

Posted on Tuesday January 30, 2018

Influenza, also known as the flu, is a viral infection marked by fever, headaches, muscle aches and a cough. This year’s flu season has hit the ground running, with many more cases and deaths reported much earlier in the season […]

Edgar Allan Poe

Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was an American poet and short-story author, known as a master of the macabre, but also credited with pioneering work in the detective genre and science fiction. Born in Boston, MA, Poe was orphaned at an […]

BBC Newsround

Winter Olympics: Lizzy Yarnold wins gold, Laura Deas takes bronze

Posted on Saturday February 17, 2018

Great Britain's Lizzy Yarnold wins gold in skeleton at the Winter Olympics.

Elise Christie crashes in Olympic race

Posted on Saturday February 17, 2018

Skater Elise crashed out of her 1500 metre semi-final at the Winter Olympics.

The sporting stars for whom age is just a number

Posted on Saturday February 17, 2018

As 36-year-old Roger Federer becomes the oldest world number one, we look at other sports stars who show no sign of slowing down with age.

BBC News (UK)

GB's Yarnold makes Winter Olympic history

Posted on Saturday February 17, 2018

Great Britain's Lizzy Yarnold defends her Winter Olympic title with gold in the skeleton, as team-mate Laura Deas takes bronze and Izzy Atkin claims a ski slopestyle bronze.

Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales

Posted on Saturday February 17, 2018

Tremors were felt in Wales and England from what is estimated to be the UK's biggest quake for 10 years.

UKIP members voted to sack embattled leader Henry Bolton

Posted on Saturday February 17, 2018

Members of UKIP vote to remove the party leader at an extraordinary general meeting in Birmingham.