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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Posted on Tuesday June 19, 2018

The French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was an important member of the Impressionist movement of the nineteenth century. His large body of work includes many portraits of children and women in lively social situations. “Why shouldn’t art be pretty?” Renoir […]

Father’s Day Cards

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2018

Father’s Day is a fairly new holiday, and wasn’t given national recognition until President Richard Nixon established a permanent national observance on the third Sunday in June. Father’s Day was originally conceived in 1909 by Sonara Smart Dodd, who was […]

The Ocean

Posted on Tuesday June 05, 2018

Although it covers nearly three-quarters of the Earth, scientists call the ocean our planet’s last frontier, and say that we know more about the moon then we do the seafloor. While oceanographers are racing to learn more about the deep […]

BBC Newsround

Can England win the World Cup? Send in your messages for the team

Posted on Monday June 25, 2018

England thrashed Panama 6-1 in one of their best ever World Cup performances. Get in touch and tell us what you made of it.

Five times the England team wowed their fans!

Posted on Sunday June 24, 2018

As England beat Panama 6-1 in the World Cup, here's five times they've got a result that delighted their fans

Ed Sheeran stops Cardiff concert for a wee! Twice!

Posted on Sunday June 24, 2018

The pop star got so desperate he had to stop one song half way through! We hope it was a wee-lly good show!

BBC News (UK)

Heathrow Airport: MPs gear up for crunch third runway vote

Posted on Sunday June 24, 2018

Boris Johnson - an opponent of a third runway - will be out of the country for the Commons vote.

Turkey election: Erdogan wins re-election as president

Posted on Sunday June 24, 2018

The man who has dominated Turkish politics for well over a decade will assume sweeping new powers.

Mexico town's entire police force detained after murder

Posted on Sunday June 24, 2018

Federal forces arrest 27 officers and their boss after a mayoral candidate is murdered in Michoacán.